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Default Re: If Gord's Lungs Could Speak

He was using oxygen over a year ago when on tour...there was mention of it then. Vertigo/inner ear problems were mentioned as well as pneumonia. Now it's been diagnosed and named so he's not one to skirt the issues at this point in his life. No sense tip toeing around it I guess.. It's out there. it is what it is and he's soldiering on. Many concert goers who have not seen him in years are surprised about his physical presence. Even those who saw him 10 years ago will be surprised. He's changed, he's aged, he's had health issues....
If I had my druthers I'd actually prefer he protect his health in every way he can and not press himself the way he does on these tours. That's me being selfish in wanting him to sit back and rest and try to stay as healthy as possible under the current health circumstances and enjoy some well deserved rest and relaxation with his family. BUt I know that's not he wants so I will go to the concerts at Massey Hall this week and say thank you to him (and for him) once again.
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