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Default Lightfoot digs disco version of IYCRMM

Gordon Lightfoot Digs A Disco Version Of 'If You Could Read My Mind'

By External Source Mon, 06/27/2016 - 07:43
Did anyone surprise you with their interpretation?

"Marty Robbins surprised me in 1975 with 'Ribbon of Darkness', because he sped it up and it went to number one in the country music charts. Another one was Viola Wills, a girl who had a hit disco version of 'If You Could Read My Mind'. You should check it out. It came out right when disco music was hot. She was with a shaky little record company at the time and it just couldn't get over 35 in the Billboard charts. I also like the version of that song that Diana Krall does with Sarah McLachlan. Diana's husband Elvis Costello is pretty good, too, and they make a hot couple."
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