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Default Gordon Autographs

Hello everyone. I was hoping some could maybe help me in search of an answer regarding Gordon's signature. This past February when my wife and I met Gordon in Austin, he was kind enough to auotgraph a few items for us. We had him personalize each item because it is our intent to never sell them and they are always to be for us. But in the past when Gordon's signature was so very beautiful and flowed with the grace of an painter, this time each signature varied in look.We noticed on two of the signatures the he completely left out the "g" in Lightfoot. And his name Gordon varied on each. One without the "d". And ones he signed for others he signed in the same manner. Now that being said, on my Sundown album cover he wrote in the guitar pictured, "To David, Happy Birthday Gordon Lightfoot". He slowly wrote it very very small to fit in the guitar but every letter is there. Then on my wife's cd cover, he personalized hers but only wrote a partial "g" in Lightfoot. Then on her Harmony cd cover no "d" in Gordon nor is there a "g" and only partial "h" in Lightfoot. No matter how they look we cherish each one. But we were wondering if his signatures vary because he's getting older or maybe he doesn't want people selling them on eBay? Wondering what others thought. In the past I've had celebs sign items while being rushed with the signature not being legible. But Gordon was so relaxed while signing for us and talking all the while.

Now, just two weeks ago I went on to eBay, and saw many autographs written in the manner that I have described. Missing "g"'s partial "h"'s and the sort. Although I have always tried not to buy any of Gordon's signatures on eBay because I don't want to support those taking advantage of Gordon, I did buy one autographed lp cover because opening bid was only $9.95. I figured that someone would outbid me for sure. But I won it for $9.95. How did I win it at such a low bid? Why didn't anyone else bid against me? Well, the signature was missing the letter "g" in Lightfoot. And the "G" in Gordon was completely open at the bottom which is how he signed each of ours also. If Gordon is trying to prevent eBay sellers from making money, he's doing a good job. But maybe with age, Gordon's signature is just changing.

And in closing. I have been meaning to post a few great photos from 2007 of Gordon sitting in his car after the show signing autographs. These are great photos with Gordon's hair a little shorter and he's wearing reading glasses. But I have been afraid to post them. Because a few months back I noticed photos very similar to mine on eBay as a seller was was trying to sell his Gordon autographs. He was another fellow who was in the crowd with us who held up the line by having Gordon autograph six or seven different records he wanted sign with different pens. And he was annoying as anything also. So much so that Barry Harvey was getting very upset and was telling me that it's people like that who ruin it for everyone else. I think the main reason Barry stopped the car was because of something that happened earlier at the show concerning my wife and I. Because after the show when Gordon was driving out of the gated area, Barry recognized us and whispered to me to stay because he was gonna stop Gordon for us. In which he did. God bless him. Within six months Barry would be leaving us. When I do post these pics, I just want everyone to know that I'm not the guy using similar shots of Gordon on eBay. And with it I shall tell the whole story on why Barry stopped the car for us. It will give those who didn't know Barry, a clearer glimpse into the soul of such a beautiful human being. I apologize for writing so much here when I really just wanted to know if any others have noticed a change in Gordon's signatures? Thank you for your time. Always for Gordon.

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