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Default Re: The Riverboat - Menu

Ah yes, what wonderful nostalgia to enter my world in our Capital city of Ottawa today with a sky that's overcast.

The Riverboat used to mail out a flyer advertising the entertainers which I would receive regularly. Sure wish I had kept at least one for a souvenir.

It was a rich and rare time to be living in Toronto close to Yorkville Village where all these many wonderful entertainers performed, several who went on to become huge sensations; Gord, Joni Mitchell, Simon and Garfunkel to name a few.

Not being much for sipping coffee while taking in a show, I would just go mainly for the entertainment.

I liked to drink beer but the laws in those days were very strict regarding alcohol and the Yorkville area was pretty dry.

We were used to Steele's Tavern where Gord was a regular performer and you could have a beer and catch the shows.

Of course Bernie Fiedler was running the Riverboat at the time and it seems he made Gord an "offer he couldn't refuse" so it was over to Yorkville Village and coffee only.

Sure is great to have those wonderful memories prevalent in my mind.

Thanks for the "January jolt."

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