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Default Re: Anyone 'make the setlist??!!'

Originally Posted by charlene View Post
... the Massey get together of May 2001 was from footage shot mostly by me and Alan in England
that Friends of Lightfoot caption was a play on the Friends of Massey phrase

so it was Alan too, i couldn't remember guys did great...the jerky stuff i had to really slo mo to avoid people from having the Blair Witch viewing hurls, lol

i think mr Fowles has footage of you kissing Gord but Susan commented that she has a huge backlog of editing to do on the footage from all their travels...note to Susan: you will never get around to it....raw video overload...edit right away or it will never happen...but dig up this stuff as well as the 1998 stuff i am hearing about...those sound like great memories, guys!

this part 3, also shows Cathy chatting with Gord....where you guys discussion chord progressions or guitars or what?

Matt Carl, wonderful multitalent also

look at young Kenyon... a teen paying tribute even back then with the gang, and still going strong today on all fronts...he's been a great band addition
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