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Default Re: Anyone 'make the setlist??!!'

Originally Posted by charlene View Post
yes you were Cathy! me too- and several of the other dates in earlier years too.
He chose the songs he did according to what's relevant in concerts now...
ahh, char...thanks for the inside scoop... that makes sense... kind of a keepsake for a certain profile (the majority) of current concert goers

i showed up at the charbque estate/shrine last night... 12 years too late, lol

i regret i've no film or video of early tribute performances going back 35 years now, but do have audio ...there were 'permissions' issues, lol... but there was no touring, just a few performance dates

for kicks, all should check out cool 60's and 70's recordings of our timeless heroes, ron jones and ed mullen... last time i saw ed (perform) he commented he hadn't performed in ten years but jams often and has many of them wonderfully archived ...ron is booked solid for 2012 ...the energizer bunny

i don't know when former broadcaster, mike fornes got the bug, but he's playing up in Michigan in a group they call the lightfoot tribute band

yes, cathy... "toronto in may" ..just love the footage of you and 'teen', Kenyon
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