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Default Nick Reynolds dies

Nick Reynolds, an original member of the Kingston Trio, the short guy with the tenor guitar whl could land a great harmony on queuq and land a joke just as well has died of multiple causes on Wednesday. He was 75 and it got to a time of how long before you pull the plug on someone who wasn't going to make it.

Nick was great he and Dave Guard and later John Stewart who predeceased Nick were a great bad who introduced us to an awfully good collection of songs and introduced a whole lot of great songwriters. While certainly after some years Peter, Paul and Mary bore that mantle there was a time when both were doing the same thing - making people aware of Bob Dyla and, of course, Gordon Lightfoot. They were breaking up just as he was taking off but the managed a good Early Morning Rain. PP&M's version is more complex and interesting but I like both and it was great to see them both putting that much faith in Gordon. Nick was always listening for new things in music. A lot of people benefited from that.

We will miss you, Nick. Bob Shane still lives.
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