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Default Re: Steve Goodman biography

Originally Posted by RM View Post
I have received the book, and figure by the time I get through it I'll know more about Goodman than I do about my own family.
Yeah, that's about right. It is nothing if not thorough.

It's interesting to me just after reading it I got to transferring my vinyl into digital and have been slowly going through my Goodman collection. I start wondering if he'd have been a bigger name if he'd recorded the Asylum releases like those that went before and after them. I mean the Asylum albums worked off of bigger budgets which led to more complex arrangements while the earlier and later works relied more on Steve himself.

All his albums have some seriously good material on them. Some hang together better than others. He did ask a lot from the listener which no doubt hurt sales.

I find what tend to be two favorite albums are ones where he really comes off as being himself. These would be Somebody Else's Troubles and Affordable Art.
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