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Default Re: Steve Goodman biography

Ron, you make me smile! You should be happy to know that I recognized the "measongster" in your email address, and thought "I know this person"! So then I came here and discovered this new thread. It's an amazing book. If you are a Goodman fanatic, you'll love it. The book actually numbers 800 pages, and was definitely a labor of love. Clay spent something like 8 or 9 years working on it, full time for the last several years. He was lucky to find a publisher who gave him a free hand, and didn't make him cut it to pieces. If it happened, it's in the book!

PS: There are some interesting mentions of Lightfoot, including the way that Lightfoot's train song (Canadian Railroad Trilogy) influenced Goodman's (City of New Orleans). Lightfoot was also one of the many people interviewed for the book.

PPS: Thanks, Fezo, for mentioning the book here!

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