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I'm sitting here late at night
At my old desk in the yellow light
I'm working myself up to write a song
About a guy I've known for so long

This guy taught me how to carry a tune
And that the Sea of Tranquility is on the moon
He also showed me that love can be hard
And to always smile when I cut the cards

He's forgotten more about life than I'll ever learn
He's worked hard for every dollar that he has earned
And he can tell a great story from beginning to end
And he can cheer me up when I'm on the mend

He's spent most of his life out on the road
He's amazed at what's grown from the seeds that he sowed
For fifty years or more he's been sharing his gift
I think deep down he knows that he'll never quit

He made us all a promise when he sang his first song
It's a rare man these days who can keep his word for so long
He's made a lot of money from the records that we've bought
But it was never the money---it was respect that he sought

In all the world he's the finest troubador
But in my mind's eye I see him sitting on Susan's floor
Singing and smiling and playing his guitar
And drinking bad whiskey from an old jelly jar

This amazing guy---his name is Gord
And because of his music I'll never be bored
From "Rich Man's Spiritual" to "Uncle Toad Said"
And all the songs in between that run through my head

I'll always think of him as one of my best friends
And it's the kind of friendship that never ends
Tho' I've only met him twice to shake his hand
By the look in his eyes I know he understands

Just one more verse in this rough draft
You see I'm a novice in this particular craft
Alliteration, cadence, meter and rhyme
How the heck does Gord do it ---every time

So here's a Birthday wish my friend
May you find the road that never ends
May you recieve all of the blessings from the Lord above
And most of all I [and millions of others] wish you Love----
John and Cindy Hooton
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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