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Default Re: hyperlapse videos anybody???

For several projects I have been carrying out a lot of painstaking research that required "driving" down various well known roads around the world to make "photos" of road signs and favourite views using the awesome manificence of Google Streetview that covers a surprisingly high percentage of the world's highways and byways (including for example the Greek island of Zakinthos (Zante) and the North East shore of New Zealand's North Island After I had spent a lot of tme going backwards and forwards on the Dorset UK road between Wimborne Minster and Blandford Forum to get a good pictue of Badbury Rings I recalled that my final UK drive in 2000 before sailing to New York with my new Lightfoot fan bride passed along that very road and I have regretted not having taken a nostalgic video at the time,
I had a brainstorm when it occurred to me that it just might be possible to create such a video from the google street view imagery that I had just been looking at.
I soon found that I was not the first and/or only person to have such a crazy notion because a simple google search for the first search term that came into my head
"create video from google street view"
produced a staggering 469 million results including a "Wiki" at:-
which has this most pertinent paragraph
"Google Street View Hyperlapse
Google Street View Hyperlapse is an open source application created by the Canadian design-agency Teehan + Lax. The website allows anyone to create interactive hyperlapse videos using imagery from Google Street View.
The user first chooses a start, end, and look-at point on a map. From there, the software calculates a route and pulls a sequence of panoramas from Street View. The panoramas are then threaded together and a virtual camera is animated to create an interactive hyperlapse video. Since Street View captures the full 360 scene, it allows the user to animate the camera with complete freedom. This makes it possible to create videos with a wide range of dramatic camera movements. The software enables anyone to create hyperlapse videos without the need for camera equipment or travel. One concession with this technique is that hyperlapse videos can only be created from imagery that Google has made available. Many countries and remote roads have no Street View imagery.
A demo video titled Google Street View Hyperlapse was created and uploaded to Vimeo which demonstrates the possibilities of the software"
the website is at:-
and a page with a link to that demo video is on:-
the vimeo demo is actually at:-
but fortuneately somebody has uploaded it to youtube so here it is
enjoy and get thinking
who will be the first to make and upload a video of the famous trek from the Delta Chelsea to Massey Hall??
as befits a video made by a Canadian based outfit it includes at 1:03 Toronto's CN Tower

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