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Originally Posted by charlene View Post
I post all i can here and all FB long as someone looking for Lightfoot info can find it somehwere online I'm good.. but i do like this format better.. Posts at FB are pushed down and many are missed by people...Then there's the FB guy who posts 14 videos from youtube in 5 minutes and any relevant news/video/review is gone unless you scroll down theu the videos..and most people only scroll so far and that's it so they miss stuff. i've been scanning/posting old mags/newspaper stuff and there's nary a word about it but a million comments on some youtube that's been posted a million times at FB... sigh.... i'm old and cranky now...

Very well said and exactly how FB works, the young nowadays don't want to read something that's 15 minutes old. But I love history etc. (I'm old and cranky now too, lol)

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