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Default Re: ...and the subject is...

The style of corfid and the old bulletin board format is not very attractive to the young and technically advanced crowd. Even after 2,474 posts I still like the site but the pace sometimes leaves something to be desired. I'm sure there's a lot more old corfidians on Facebook than I have connected with but there are some "old-timers" like Char and me, DMD3 and The Watchman out there among others. The problem, sometimes, with finding them on Facebook is that most people here use usernames that mean something, ???, to them and we don't always know the name for Facebook. I cleverly use "Bill Wallace" as my name of FB mostly because that's my name (well William really but you see my point).

Interestingly corfid does track "views" and for the life of me I don't understand how a post can have say 100 views and not a single reply. On FB it is easy for someone to click "like" to at least show you've read a post or at least seen it. Back 5 or 10 years ago people seemed quicker to say "thanks for posting" or "cool" or "up yours" here on corfid but often the complete lack of anything is depressing.

But she's still floating so that means there's hope. If Florian could maybe update the home screen to show newcomers that we're still current in 2016, that may help, maybe not.

Keep smiling folks and have a great summer,

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