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quote:Originally posted by Borderstone:
Okay,I just deleted a topic I put up,where I started a GL story and then asked others to contribute. I thought it would be a fun thing for us to do on here and a copule of people took it serious and then,like in many of these threads,people just went off on something completely different. Mind you,I'm not angry about it,just more or less disappointed that I and others put subjects up here to talk about or other postings and it goes okay for a couple of posts then all heck breaks loose. (Heck instead of H!!!) The story I started and 2 other people "seriously" continued was followed by people relaying things to eachother that had nothing at all to do with it. I guess that's the last time I try to participate on that level. I saw the posts had jumped from 3 to 8 and I thought, but instead got . Later.

It always saddens me when you decide to remove topics. Of course as the creator of a thread it's your right to do so, but unless there is something that's really offensive, I guess I just don't see the point of it. I'm sorry if the responses weren't what you expected or hoped for, but that's the risk you take when you start a topic. Who's to say that the next time a new Lightfoot fan found us, they wouldn't have added to the story you started. After all, when you first found us, you pulled some topics from the archives and brought them to life again, as has DMD3 and many others who have come along before you. That's the fun and joy of having all these threads available - they occasionally get a rebirth with fresh thoughts and opinions. I'll admit there are a few old threads out there that I'd rather not see brought back to life, but I wouldn't want to see them removed. They represent who we are, complete with our strengths, weaknesses, and frailties. I guess my thought on it has always been that if a thread isn't going the way you think it should or hoped it would, than let it fizzle out or bring it round to the direction you want it to go by posting something "on topic" yourself. Just my opinion, and unlike Dennis Miller who "could" be wrong, I probably am

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