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Default Re: AUSTIN, TX Show last night - AWESOME!

Originally Posted by Melissa View Post
Hmmmm. Well. OK. In response to the post above, I suppose I need to clarify - I don't just go to concerts to see if everyone else will enjoy the show. But after 90+ shows (which is a lot LESS than many folks here have been to), I've certainly come to recognize the difference the audience makes - not only on the overall feel of the show to the rest of the concert goers, but also on how the performers react. Gord and the band can certainly feel the vibe of the audience, and it can sometimes be a real boost to have an exuberant crowd.
What if you went to a football game and were the only one cheering? Wouldn't be all that much fun, would it?

Anyway, I was just trying to make a point that the awesome crowd last night really contributed to an awesome show. That's all.

Perhaps I'll just leave it at that. No need to go on with Part 2 of my earlier post. I've read some great concert reviews here over the years, and just thought I'd contribute one of my own.
Suffice it so say the show was great.

Just because someone posts a disagreement doesn't mean to have a serious problem with it. I could of been a real jerk about it but I was decent over my difference of opinion. I've seen worse elsewhere.
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