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Default Re: Seeing It Through His Lyrics

Originally Posted by ANTHONY ROBERSON View Post
Forgive me if this has been brought up before, but it would be cool to read and example of how Gord's lyrics clearly put the picture in your mind.

For instance, one of the better ones for me is "..The lake is blue, the sky is grey, the leaves have turned to gold. The wild goose will be on his way, the weather's much too cold."

Just TYPING that right now put me right on the shore. Whenever I hear RESTLESS, I make sure to stop whatever I'm doing (if anything) for that lyric. I can see myself on a wintery, stark day at one with nature. For a sunny, Californian near the big city, it's a beautiful thing to imagine.

What about you guys? Which lyric puts a vision in your head? Tell how it makes you feel too!

Sorry ANTHONY, I had not seen this first post which you started the thread...

For me there are too many, but one that comes to mind would be :

"Thinking of girls with their fingers in my curls"... from "Second Cup Of Coffee." For the obvious reason ! lol !

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