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Default Re: You Know You Are A Serious Gl Fan If...

You KNOW you are a Serious Lightfoot fan if..

You can listen to one of your almost favorite GL songs, not even your favorite, for a 1/2 hour on repeat, and not tire of it. Each time, if you really listen, you hear something new each time.


This one is not humorous, nor is it meant to be elegiac, but rather a testament to the stages of life that listening to GL's music can help you through:

You know you are a serious fan if: You are told for a 'celebration of life' ceremony for a loved one, that you may incorporate 5 songs that they will intersperse in the ceremony. 1. As people are being seated, and it is the de rigeur and beautiful choice of Amazing Grace - bagpipes and all 2. When the minister pauses and reflects on the interred family member's favourite song, and plays it, its a Lightfoot song. 3. The minister pauses to reflect on and then play the couple's song they called "our song" - and it is also a Lightfoot song, and you cannot hold it in at that moment, and your daughter squeezes your hand....your daughter... 4. Another surviving primary family member's favourite memorial song to her deceased Mother is discussed by the minister, the deceased' daughter, and her memorial song is by an artist who covers Lightfoot songs, and is the daughter of Maury Mclauchlan (sp?) - who was (is) a good friend of Lightfoot's, and 5. The call to worship and then Eulogies, where two Eulogies of friends of the deceased and the surviving spouse mention Gordon in their spoken memories.

And, reflecting during and after the service - how Lightfoot music was a special bond between you and your wife. You go to the reception friends have waiting for you - and Lightfoot is playing there. You know indeed you are a fortunate man despite the loss, to see the world is still filled with people who know and care - and know you well enough to know Gord's music is a part of you life, and they play it for you. Then, especially, you know you are indeed a SERIOUS Lightfoot fan, and a very lucky man, despite your and you daughter's loss.

Note: This post, as was the service, was meant to be a celebration of all things wonderful of the deceased, and is not meant to be Euligistic in and of itself; but rather to find the beauty in life in the midst of sorrow, and how most certainly -Gordon Lightfoot has always played a part in such moments for you and your wife, and you reflect on the strength it brings you, and the love it brought your wife and you together with. Your see your daughter carries on the love of the music thru the next generation of fans, and you know how fortunate you still are. You go home and listen to Gordon Lightfoot - and the CD of the service made for by family, and Lightfoot continues to comfort you. That is the power of that man's music.

On a lighter note:

You know you are a serious Lightfoot fan if: when moving into a new house, the first thing you want out of the boxes is your stereo, you hook it up, can't find 1 out of 3 wires or jacks, you go to Radio Shack twice, and then can't find the power chord; you go back a third time, and then you can't find your CD's...then you finally find one in the car stereo - you play it... and the house starts feeling like yours at THAT moment !
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