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Default Re: Sewell, NJ 10/7/10

Thanks for the setlist. My husband thought the sound system was really good, better than the Keswick (as were the seats) and Gord also mentioned how much he liked the sound system. Husband also thought he may have sung a few less songs than usual, we thought he used to do at least 2 encore songs. But it was a wonderful show as always. I think he sounded better & stronger after the intermission - where you've got 20 minutes and you better do what'cha gotta do in that time : ).

One thing I wanted to add that I thought was pretty funny, when he mentioned that he was supposed to have been on Letterman but was bumped. He said he wanted to watch to see who was so important to bump him (or words to that affect).

Also, when he asked the name of the venue in Pittman that he played & people mentioned Broadway Theater, he said "ah, we were on Broadway". I love his sense of humor even if I don't hear everything he says or understand it all. I gotta laugh when he cracks himself up.

Unfortunately we didn't stay after this time. Was he seated at a table and were there guards around keeping people at bay like a couple of years ago at the Keswick? Or was it more like it used to be at the Keswick where he was a little more accessible?
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