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Left us on this day (Aug. 20) in 2012: John Stockfish (natural causes, age 69), best remembered as the original recording & touring bass player for Canadian singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot's band during the United Artists (UA) years in the second half of the '60s; John's signature bass contribution was to the recording sessions for Gordon's 1974 US #1 hit "Sundown"; over the years, he also played with the likes of Jim Croce, Dan Hill, Tommy Hunter, Gene MacLellan, Mel Torme & Cab Calloway; The Guess Who name-checked John in their 1968 tribute song "Lightfoot"…
I have always loved The Guess Who’s “Lightfoot “. It was the B side of the single of American woman. Captures Cummings and Bachman’s love of Lightfoot’s music and cleverly sounds like him.
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