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Default Re: Sewell, NJ 10/7/10

Originally Posted by MistyMoppens View Post
Did you write that setlist in the dark, John? If so - you are gifted! I can never read mine the next day!
At Concord I did write the entire setlist in the gloom by catching those moments when the stage lights were sending enough light my way. Of course it helped to that we were in the front row. even so I cocked up in the first set as there was a largish gap and a squiggle between where I had written 10 beautiful an an unnumbered Watchman and I guesed that I had omitted 11 In My Fashion but that was probably incorrect and was ignored by Wayne Francis if he used my posting for his website setlist
Sometimes I use a rhyming memory aid system (one bun two shoe etc)
but when doing several concerts close together it is hard to set up and retain unique visualisations for more than two concerts especially as I have to start at one bun again after the intermission
scroll down to the section on
Peg words
This memory system is interesting for its insight into the role of visual association.
The idea allows you to remember a list of unrelated items in correct sequence. The first step is to create the `pegs'. These have to be committed to memory by sub vocalising. Because the objects rhyme with the numbers they are easy to memorise.
one = bun
two = shoe
three = tree
four = door
five = hive
six = sticks
seven = heaven
eight = plate
nine = wine
ten = hen
Having memorised the peg words, the next step is to relate visually the items-to-be-remembered with the correct peg word.
Supposing the second item on your list is a car. The instruction is to form a strong visual image of the car and the shoe and get that image to interact as strongly as possible. For instance, a Rolls Royce car might be parked right on top of a giant canvas shoe.
I picked up that method from a
BBC television programme and book by Tony Buzan (Bewzan)
<A href="" target=_blank>
At Red Bank and Sewell Susan took over: at the former I was in the aisle seat with a light in the left hand armrest so Susan could lean over me and check what she had written.At Sewell we were in the second row so again we had good lighting from the stage lights;the scan of her notes that I posted previously showed why I am so certain she got the ICFMM>Restless>Baby Step Back sequence correct

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