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Default Re: Sewell, NJ 10/7/10

Originally Posted by formerlylavender View Post
John Fowles and I both did the setlist, so John, feel free to add or correct as needed
Just one minor correction FL.Susan actually wrote the setlist and her listing definitely shows that
Gord sang Restless after IYCRMM then Baby Step Back after Restless.
Well Allright You possibly made a deliberate mistake to try to catch out me and/or Wayne Francis??
If so you have certainly proved that Wayne, who I had suspected uses other sources for most of the setlists he adds to his website does read corfid and is not averse to copying where necessary the setlists we post because as you can see at
he copied your incorrect version and here is the proof of how it really was

Originally Posted by formerlylavender View Post
*Band Intros* (lengthy)
Most of this was taken up by a description of Barry's keen intererst in sporting trivia and the fact that he broadcasts on a Toronto radio station
Next Gord alluded to the fact that New Jersey has its own "Boss"
(I believe he was refering to the lead singer of The E Street Band)
whereas Gord's band has a "straw boss" !
Long wondering what a straw boss is I have googled:-
"straw boss
n. Informal
A worker who acts as a boss or crew leader in addition to performing regular duties"
I guess that sums up Rick pretty well
MiKe then received the usual accolade about being able to play in any key Gord throws at him
Originally Posted by formerlylavender View Post
Sweet Guinevere (shout out to John and Susan)
Gord said he had sung this a couple of days ago and that Susan and John had enjoyed it and requested he sing it again (or words to that effect}
After Sundays concert we had requested he sing this surprising addition to the rotation list because Susan had really enjoyed hearing the lyrics live and wanted her mother to hear it on either Wednesday or Thursday (he sang it both nights)
We had previously had two "shout outs"
In April 2002 Gord performed Sit Down Young Stranger for us at a concert in Trenton NJ and and
In April 2005 he did Inspiration Lady at one of the Las Vegas Casino concerts. luckily the one that somebody made a fine if incomplete bootleg of (so we have a great souvenir of hearing our names spoken from the stage)
Originally Posted by formerlylavender View Post
If Children Had Wings (spoke about his children and his first wife)
he recounted how he had followed Brita to Stockholm in 1963 then married her there but 7 yeaRs later they split and she took Fred and Ingrid to France (why France!!)
Originally Posted by formerlylavender View Post
John Fowles, wife Susan and mother were seated behind us, so we were able to chat a bit before and after the show. It was great seeing all of them again. Curious Moonbeam was there too along with her sister.
I was myself very pleased to put a face to the wonderful screen neme of C M
Such wonderful imagery
"and found the open door
Once inside we found a curious moonbeam doing dances on the floor"
in such a stupendous song one of my own top five
Originally Posted by Wheels View Post
Got lost just like you, John!
Yes it sure was a detour to hell
I recall passing Rassas Pontiac Buick and noting that due to the demise of Pontiac the letters PONTIAC had been taken off

nearby was a roadlock on Route 520 (our direct path to the Garden State Parkway) curses it is late and we want to get home!!

and to keep us away from nightime road works there was the first of a large number of orange detour signs we followed them for miles and miles and miles noting that not one mentioned the detour's destination or provided any mileage info, in due course you might say we saw the Parkway overpass ahead and carefully avoided the Parkway South pointer then followed not one but two Parkway North signs full of hope that our ordeal was almost over a hope which was shatterred when within about half a mile and after a jughandle turn we found ourselves lookng at a now familiar road block and could see again see where the Pontiac lettering had been removed!! plus of course the first detour sign we had seen all of 20 minutes previously but no other indication of the correct direction to proceed in
At this point Susan nearly lost her presence of mind and was mulling over which direction to try next when the cop on duty at the roadblock abandoned his post and strolled over to issue a move it on order because you are causing a roadblock! She failed go tell him that his stoopid roadblock was the cause! Anyroad somehow we did find our way to the Parkway and home

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