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Default Sewell, NJ 10/7/10

Gord's show last night at the TD Bank Arts Centre in Sewell, NJ was a great one. It was about an hour from my home here in DE, so it was very convenient. The venue was literally at a high school which was hard to imagine until I got there. Gord was in great form and very chatty. I thought his voice was stronger in York, PA in June- he seemed to strain more for notes last night. Gord wore the red velvet jacket for the first set and the white shirt/blue vest combo for the second.

John Fowles and I both did the setlist, so John, feel free to add or correct as needed Here it is:

Cotton Jenny
14K Gold
Never Too Close
In My Fashion
Christian Island
*Band Intros* (lengthy)
Carefree Highway
Hangdog Hotel Room (mentioned many names)
Ribbon of Darkness
The Watchman
Alberta Bound

The Wreck
Sweet Guinevere (shout out to John and Susan)
Don Q
Clouds of Loneliness
Let It Ride
If Children Had Wings (spoke about his children and his first wife)
Baby Step Back

Blackberry Wine - Encore

John Fowles, wife Susan and mother were seated behind us, so we were able to chat a bit before and after the show. It was great seeing all of them again. Curious Moonbeam was there too along with her sister. I guess it was a mini corfid reunion of sorts. We hung out afterward, and Gord autographed my Harmony CD insert. I was nervous as usual, but he was talkative and laid back. Thanks Gord!
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