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Default Keswick theatre 4 november 2018

I don't know how I did it - good luck and/or good timing, but I finally, after 20+ GL concerts, managed to get front row seats at the Keswick Theatre last night!!! We were AAA in the pit a little left of center stage. We could see every facial expression and even hear when the next song was whispered. An added bonus - plenty of room for my purse and beverage

Gord was in great form - really seemed to be in a good mood and was as talkative as I've seen him. He mentioned it being his 10th show in 12 days, but he didn't seem tired out at all. His voice got better in the second half as usual, and he drank his biotene throughout and joked about it. The place was only about half full but the crowd was enthusiastic and appreciative. Here's the setlist:

Waiting For You
Cotton Jenny
Too Many Clues in This Room
Never Too Close
Don Q
Beautiful (loads of applause)
Cold On the Shoulder
Much To My Surprise
Race Among the Ruins (said he doesn't play this one much - I was thrilled)
The Wreck
Carefree Highway

Did She Mention My Name
Ribbon of Darkness (I sang the 'over me' part)
Spanish Moss
14K Gold
I'd Rather Press On
Minstrel of the Dawn (super short version, mentioned Frank Sinatra's record label)
Let It Ride
Baby Step Back
Early Morning Rain
Rainy Day People - encore

FYI for anyone who hasn't been at the Keswick Theatre in a while. Parking around back is no longer free. It's $9 - pay at the kiosk or you'll be towed And there's security as you enter the building - they check all bags and you have to go through the metal detector.
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