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Default Re: Pub Jam at McVeigh's 2018

this is just so great to hear!

congratulations once again, Ron - i dont know if i have a more favourite instrument than cello, even though i have never held a real wooden one

i had to venture in the heat (i dont like vehicle AC much but i gave in, bigtime) with 2 teens up to almost Lake Superior, ironically, ultimately to an ice arena ... i am back, and the drive was with solo, with windows down, sometimes just the sound of the warm air going by, other times, GL and other Canadiana ... you were on my mind... i'm not trying to be clever (ok, just a bit)... you really were! all of you - the Mass-onians, and McVeigh-ites

standing by for more... enjoy PMB(uzz)

and well done, char + jenney ... head Shriners .... flashback 20 yrs, wow
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