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Default Re: Gord's Guitar Pickguards

Just a follow up on this topic.

Last week while I was in Toronto I made a point of making my very first trip to "Ring Music" and I was very honored to meet John Laroque.

Gord takes his guitars there for servicing.

A very nice quiet spoken man he is and he gave me a generous amount of his time to just chat. As it turned out we both knew several of the same friends.

I was hoping to have John install similar pads on the pickguards of my guitars but he informed me that Gord installed those pads himself and made a point of saying what a professional job Gord did.

He should put a patent on that one! I'd be first on the list that's for sure.

Guess for now I'll try it on my own but I certainly will return to John and for his inspection next time I'm in town.

That visit sure was a big highlight for me over the last week.


Ron J.
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