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Default Re: Gord's Guitar Pickguards

Hi Ron

John, that is right. He is a great guy. I took my D-28 there a few years ago for some work. He said it would be a week or ten days. I kept calling week after week. It was a couple of months and finally it was ready. when I went to pick it up he said "no charge" as he was so sorry about how long it took.

I've been back a few times and most recently last May when i asked him about Gord's pick guard circles. He laughed and said Gord's first attempt worried him. Something about the adhesives harming the guitar so he took it on as a project.

He also told me a story about Gord asking if he wanted to go to a concert then taking him on the Leer jet to a show in the states and coming back to Toronto the same night.

He is an amazing craftsman. Saved my D-28 and last May sold me an amazing D-18 for my son..........which damn...........sounds better than the D-28.
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