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Default Re: Gord's Guitar Pickguards

Originally Posted by banjobench12 View Post
I actually asked the guy at Ring Music who does Gord's guitar work that question. The circles are there to muffle the soung of Gord's fingernails hitting the pickguard and being picked up by the microphone or pick-up. Apparently Gord tried doing the first modificatiopn himelf and they were later refined by this fellow at Ring Music (sorry I can't remeber his name)
Hi banjobench12,

This topic is one that I've been interested in for a while and was unresolved till now.

The fellow at Ring Music is John Laroque. If you google "John Laroque at Ring Music" there is info on him there.

I recall several years ago when I was planning on installing a pick up in my Martin D18, a friend of Gord's, the late Jack Harper (Good Brothers Manager) referred him to me.

Jack lived close by to a local pub where I worked from time and we met and became became friends, so we shared info etc.

I didn't get to meet John Laroque at the time as I moved to Vancouver and had it installed here and it works great.

When I come to Toronto in November for the Massey shows I hope to connect with John and have him install those pickgards on my B45 and D18 as well.

Always nice to have a project or tow on the go.

Cheers, Ron J.
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