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Default Re: If Gord's Lungs Could Speak

Originally Posted by charlene View Post
By the mid 70's warnings were issued about the hazards of smoking...20 years after Gordon started...and being fully addicted to them by that time..
Government warnings, yes, but it's not like other warnings weren't out there before that. Reading this thread I flashed back to some WW2 era Reader's Digests I own, and remembered reading an article that was, IMHO, pretty frank and alarming about how bad tobacco and nicotine are for you. I just went and dug the article up, turns out it was written by a former boxing champ and then-current man in charge of Naval physical training and athletics, from DEC 1941 pages 21-24, then I googled the article's name, and found that a scan of reprint of it exists online:

So how much did people know or did they care if they did know? The tobacco industry certainly marketed their products in the most positive ways possible, but... word was still out there somewhere if people wanted to hear it.
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