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Default Re: If Gord's Lungs Could Speak

Originally Posted by Borderstone View Post
We all love Gordon, no question here. He knows we
are on here discussing many things about him, mostly his music.

We've discussed other aspects of his personal life before,
including drinking and to me, ssmoking is certainly no exception.

My father smoked from age 11 to 61, tried only 2 maybe 3 times to quit but quit the final time when it was too late. He was born Sept. 1938 just under 2 months older than Gordon.

In Gord's case, he's been very lucky to be with us, my father been gone since 8/17/2000....actually 5 weeks or so before turning 62, he'd be 78 now himself.

It seems to me (by my observations of men in my Dad's generation) they all started smoking for close to the same reasons. It wasn't 'known' to be dangerous
That maybe true but the way I see it it's just common sense that when you breathe in smoke whether it's smoke from a fire or cigarettes, it's gonna cause damage and I personally believe the medical field for whatever reasons chose to overlook it because it just doesn't make sense that it took until the 60's I guess to find out smoking is unhealthy.

I'm gonna even bet that there were even some who did think it was bad where so many others doubted it.

I just hope Gordon isn't foolish enough to walk down the street smoking and throw the buts on the ground.

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