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Default Niagara Falls, no not Niagra

I spotted what promised to be an interesting photograph in a link:-
when I simply clicked the proferred link as shown above
all I got was an extremely slow loading jpg that would allegedly be 3000 pixels square. However somewhat mysteriously it stopped loading when far less than half height and
I could then save it but the saved jpg file was only 700+Kilobytes and evidently corrupted
I then made an HTML download hyperlink and was able to use that to successfully download the full file which turned out to be more realistic 1.91 MB and on this cursed dial up was viewable in about 20 minutes
I then had the full view and below is a suitably resized version

In case you too cannot get the big picture then do what I in effect did and right click on the URL I showed above
whilst I had the full sized picture on screen I made these two screenshots

The Canadian Falls showing why they are also known as the Horseshoe Falls

the notably smaller American Falls ( as befits a country whose once almighty dollar has been Bushwhacked down to be less valuable than a"loonie")
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