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As a resident of North Texas, I am fortunate to be able to hear a lot of great musical talent that is not generally heard outside of Texas. Some are local here and a lot dift up from Austin. And No, you don't need a fiddle in the band. None of these are "country music" exactly. I will list my top 5 "unknowns" and would like to know who yours are.

1. Bruce Robison. A terrific songwriter/performer married to another great singer Kelly Willis. His new CD "Country Sunshine", it's a gem!

2. Adam Carroll. A 22 yr. old kid from Tyler, TX. Lives in Austin now. Has 2 CD's out. Great and competely original songs!!! The kid is really good with a great sense of humor, very unusual. New live CD is due out shortly.

3. Brian Rung. Another kid almost unknown of outside of the hill country. Be the first in your state/country to hear some really original songs from a real talent. A little on the morose side. Has only 1 CD available. Available from his web site.

These last 2 may be a little macho for some of you:

4. Charlie Robison. Yes, Bruce's brother and actually more well known than Bruce. Is married to a Dixie Chick. "Step Right Up" is his latest CD. Check it out. Charlie is about the hotest thing in Texas music right now so may not be "unknown" to some of you.

5. Davin James. His mother is from Arkansas and his father from Lousiana and he lives in Texas. Naturally he's a wild man! Saw him live last week, a demon guitar play and intense performer. Writes great songs. His new CD is "Magnolia", maybe the best CD of Texas Music I've heard in the last year.

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