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Default This changes everything.

I have to start a new thread for this. Its just too important to me.

Yes I really like Lightfoot music. Well, I guess most of the people who read this do.

Yes I have all the albums. Sometimes twice over cause I lost or lent them out.
Yes I learned what little guitar I know from purchasing every music book.
Yes I went to see him perform ...but not as often as I should have..both past and present.

BUT oh my god.... BUT

This latest recovered video of Gord in his PRIME is unquestionable the most dramatic and beautiful and clear and fantastic and and mesmerizes me.

I almost have forgotten how his voice would fill every once of space in a hall. OMG...and Red...are there any words that can be found that describe what i feel when i listen to his playing.

This is the best the current world, the present day world, has of seeing first hand just how incredible this man's songs and musical talent was in his PRIME! This beats the Reno DVD by a factor of 1000!

I am watching this video... and again and again.
It has just hit 'reset' on my long 40 years as a fan. I am right back at the beginning again.

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