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Default Re: When you dared to venture to "The Net"!

That's funny Annie!! LOL! (Yabba Dabba Dooo,from me too! ) Interesting stories but wow,Bill 1978? I had only dicovered the game "pong" just a few monthds before!

Well Rose,how do i remember these things? There's no answer to give really except to say,that's just how my mind works. If i had the time (and if Florian wouldn't have a fit "ha-ha")I could type out my whole life story here in almost absolute detail.

It's a great "gift" to have at important times but sometimes it's kind of annoying having all that info. up there,especially songs that don't leave...ever!

Since everyone's saying so,I found this site in Dec. 2002 because I wanted to see(but was quite sure,)there couldn't be a Gordon lightfoot website. i signed up in Feb. '03 after peeping in for a while. Good thing I didn't check before 1999!
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