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Default When you dared to venture to "The Net"!

I'm starting this topic to mark (what I almost can't believe) is the 10th anniversary of first logging onto the internet and truly using a PC. Also in light of Gord himself being on the net's "You Tube" live!

I had used A PC somewhat in high school around 1984/85 but no one really took them 100% seriously then. We mostly played games with sorry graphics and printed things. I wasn't impressed.

This week in Sept. of 1997,I logged on at a local community college I was attending then and was taking a computer course (which I discovered that except for the net,I had no real interest).

First place I went? No surprise here,it was Billboard Online to see if they had a site first of all and to see what was #1 on the charts.
"Honey" by Mariah Carey (again...surprise-surprise!:D)!

I'd love to hear about your fisrt PC and internet outings too. Been the "B",bye-bye!
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