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Default Re: Gord on piano live - Fine as Fine Can Be

That song "Partners" is amazingly similar (in melody and subject matter) to the traditional Australian folk song "With My Swag All On My Shoulder", which appeared on The Seekers' album "Introducing The Seekers" in the 1960s and on their 25th anniversary reunion concert album in 1993.

When first we left old England's shores, such yarns as we were told
As how folks in Australia could pick up lumps of gold
So when we got to Melbourne Town, we were ready soon to slip
And get even with the captain, we scuttled from the ship

We steered our course for Portland Town, then north-west of Ballarat
Where some of us got mighty thin and some got sleek and fat
Some tried their luck at Bendigo and some at Fiery Creek
I made a fortune in a day and spent it in a week

So round the tucker tracks I tramp, nor leave them out of sight
My swag's on my left shoulder and then upon my right
And then I take it on my back and oft upon it lie
These are the best of tucker tracks, so I'll stay here till I die.

(The chorus after each verse is)
With my swag all on my shoulder, black billy in my hand
I travelled the bush of Australia like a true-born native man.

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