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Default Re: You Know You Are A Serious Gl Fan If...

I had lamented on a previous thread about how current music trends are destroying the ‘Album’ concept through individual “pick and choose” downloads, The process also deprives the listener of cover artwork and liner notes which undeniable complement the musical experience. There was nothing like spinning some new vinyl, crashing on the couch, studying the artwork and reading the credits on the liner notes over & over as the music played. The CD still offered this pleasure although it was limited to those with perfect eyesight or aging hippies with strong diopter eyeglasses. Not so with downloads, even if the musician has a webpage. Far too sterile!

With the option to purchase individual tunes by downloading codes you cheat yourself of the complete musical experience. In my opinion, works created by a musician, artist or novelist, should be experienced as the artist intended - in the whole, complete and in their entirety. Where few would choose to buy only certain chapters of a novel, the trend is now is to buy only those tunes that immediately appeal to the listener. In doing so the tunes can be added or stored in any order and at any time. Continuity is lost and the album is no more!

Steve (geodeticman) stated that when ‘Gotta Get Away’ is ending his mind is already anticipating ‘Whispers of the North’. I’m the same and suspect it is that way with most Corfidians. When the order is changed we stop and wonder what’s wrong with the universe….

Also, Steve shared with us -
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I was falling in love with Merry on our 4th date the day I bought DSR, at a small college-town main drag mini-strip mall (y'know- 4 -6 narrow specialty stores) that I remembered as an alum of Colo St U; those little 'record stores' R all but gone....went home after date, & inhaled it- notably 'Make Way for the Lady' - you can do it my son...... SO germane to that DAY it was I was fearful from what happened in a previous relationship...and was at a tug-of-war with myself....but THAT SONG rang true.. and 30 years later - it was more than serendipitous.
Even though I’ve followed Gord for almost four decades, I too remember where and under what circumstances I bought many of his albums Yet another bookmark in my life.
….and for Borderstone & Jesse Joe, although I don’t have any 8-tracks, I also updated my collection with every format of Lightfoot’s works that I could find. I even have a K-Tel pressing of his songs which I purchased in Orillia Ontario while returning home from a canoeing trip.

(I think Gord paid off his Rosedale mortgage on what I spent on albums!)

I have memories associated with buying each album - towns I was in, finding treasures in stores, and enjoying the physical album as well as the music once home. I think that youngsters today are missing this experience. Adding one more downloaded tune to a smorgasbord of files in some random order just doesn't seem as rewarding. Does anyone remember where, when and with who they were with when they downloaded an MP3 code?

Just my opinion, Yuri
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