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Default Re: You Know You Are A Serious Gl Fan If...

Originally Posted by Jesse Joe View Post
When July 1st comes along, and you think of a good day for "Gordon Lightfoot Day" when it's actually Canada Day ! !

Jesse Joe,

That is what I'm talkin' about. hilarious Jesse - do Some Canadian's actually slip and call it that, especially now that he is on a stamp ?

Here's another:

You know you are a serious Lightfoot fan if you have ever had a friend or family member on the phone, and said "here, just listen to this over the phone, we'll do a ten-second sound check, you tell me how the sound/volume is, and I'll play the whole song for you. It'll really cheer you up, (or make you feel better, or (_______________) " - and actually hold the phone mouthpiece to the speakers on either your PC speakers, or your stereo you've attatched

I have done this, when she lamented (at age 83), that "all beautiful music has stopped being made, the Henry Mancinis are gone, The Bing Crosby's are gone, the Perry Comos...... (and I picked out for here a couple old rarities from '63 on Chateau, and played the cross between Perry Como, ED Ames, and Gentleman Jim Reeves - Gord singing the beautiful "Adios" love song. I put her back on at the end, as she's crying - and says "That is so beautiful.....oh my... that realy takes me back... I didn't think anybody sang like that anymore......Oh I just miss Russ, thats all. -sniff-,

wait a minute Mom, cheer up. how about a laugh or two? - And I put on "Daisy Doo" - and at the end - I say "Isn't that hilarious ? Its great ! I guess he does not like them anymore, but its fun isn't it?" and 83-yr old Mom says, unbelievably "Hey, thats funny for Gordon, but you know what? That is REALLY SWINGIN' " - verbatim, I kid you not, I tried to muffle dieing laughing, she is such a cute and vibrant older *real* lady....."Yes,Mom, its "swingin", isn't it ? Kinda catchy, huh ?

And you do this for your mother, a friend, a shut-in, on the phone...until they are laughing, or crying in appreciation, or just got a hoot out of it, ot said, as Mom has also 'My Goodness that young Man has a WONDERFUL voice, in that absolutely beautiful song.... I didn't know anybody had any talent like that anymore" - and you played either IYCRMM, or CRT, or Your Love's Return, someting prosaic for her...... thats part of my 'serious fan' biz - I use Gordon as therapy for others to cheer them up.....
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