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I think it is an interesting perspective and a glimpse inside the real guy as he was back then. He was no saint, and in fact quite an ass and a drunk. Not but a heartbeat off the Willie Nelson type chaos( remeber Willie got sewed into a sheet and beat by his wife while drunk). But a hell of a talent too. I felt a sense of enrichment when I stopped thinking of Gord as my high-school era hero, like kids did James Taylor, or Bruce Springsteen, or Later Dave Matthews...and started realizing that guys like that, people in general, we're flawed but still wonderful. I actually think it kind of funny that he was about to kick the guy's ass. It is easy to lament what career strides Gord could have made had he been a more agreeable guy while in his prime, but he is was he is, and he was what he was...and we are the richer for all of it.
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