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Default Re: Iowa Concerts (July 19-20)

Surf Ballroom
July 20, 2021

Single Set:

1) The Watchman's Gone
2) Too Many Clues in this Room
3) Never Too Close
4) Shadows
5) Don Quixote
6) Wild Strawberries
7) I'd Rather Press On
8) Beautiful
9) Let It Ride
10) Carefree Highway
11) Did She Mention My Name
12) Ribbon of Darkness
13) Sundown
14) Race Among the Ruins
15) Wreck of E. F.
16) The Pony Man
17) Rainy Day People
18) A Painter Passing Through
19) If You Could Read My Mind
20) Baby Step Back
21) Early Morning Rain
22) Waiting for You.

I don't think Gord mentioned Buddy Holly or the history of this venue at all. It is a glorified high-school gym, not really designed for great acoustics.

Overall, I give the Iowa trip 8 stars out of 10. Great seeing Gord again, but wasn't happy he didn't do anything from the "Solo" album.
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