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Default Re: Canada/New England, here I come!!

I was visiting an old friend: we first met in Heidelberg in 1970!!!Unfortunately she is having some serious health issues these day and we couldn't get around as much as I would have liked to; plus the weather a the time; I wanted to go to Stonington to see the lighthouse.2miles befor we got there ( we'd already had a glimpse of some water) our brakes burnt out.My friend likes to hit the brakes real hard(she does some speeding from time to time) and for those STOP signs popping up...Well, there we were by the roadside, wating for AAA to tow. Her boyfriend wasn't all that happy about the idea of picking us up; so the Pick-up truck gave us a ride as well back to South Windsor. So, no ocean for me.I'm still in Portland, trying to find a way to grt to Quebec City.I found a bus going out of Bangor, MAINE TO Moncton, N.B. How does that sound, Jesse? I sure could work my way to Q.C. from there. I'm staying at a holiday Inn, doing a lot of hiking along the bay and maybe I''l take the ferry to one of the islands a bit later today.So, Have a nice Sunday, everybody Vera
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