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Default Re: AUSTIN-TEXAS-Feb.11-2014

My wife Lori and I we're at this Austin show. After the show we had the opportunity to meet Gordon as well as the rest of the band. Gordon autographed my album wishing me a happy birthday. For my wife had bought the tickets as a birthday present for me. It was such a great show and although Gordon did not play "Canadian Railroad Trilogy" he was able to play two or three other songs, all in which I had never heard him play live before. The very next night while performing in San Antonio, Gordon played "If Children Had Wings", which I've always loved. I wish I traveled the 60 miles down to that show as well. But at least my kidney recipient was able to see that show. So I guess I could say that a part of me was there. My wife and I have now caught Gordon three times in Austin. At The Glenn in 2007. At the Bass Concert Hall in 2009 and last week's ACL Moody Theatre performance. We only wish he would come to Austin a bit more. Melissa? We may have met for Lori and I were with a small group of people given passes after the show. I may have even talked to you. I had met Rick, Carter and Barry. But not Michael Heffernan. And another lady told me that he usually doesn't mingle with the fans after the show. But it was such an honor to meet the rest of the guys as well as it was meeting Gordon. And the show was fantastic. As it always is.

I am so happy to also see Austin 360's Peter Blackstock give Gordon such a nice review. He obviously saw the same show that I and many others saw. Like I mentioned above, my wife and I loved the show. I just hope he doesn't wait five years to return.

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