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Default Re: Fitzgerald ship brief mention

Originally Posted by BendRick View Post
Found an article about shipwrecks around the world polluting waters, they briefly mentioned Fitz, but I can't post the article to the group under new internet rules. It used to be so easy but now I can't figure it out. Help?
BendRick, maybe we can help each other. I don't know the new internet rules, but if you'll direct me to those, I'll show a link to A Fitz article for illustrative purposes - just the URL. Is it a new corfid rule, or a www rule (???), or an new ISP thing with some providers, or? I missed something, somewhere. Anyway A Fitz article:

Its a NOAA et all chart showing comparitive ship (wrecked) types, and relative pollution indices: (by just copying the URL address and pasting here). I queried it in my meta-search engine of choice -, which runs "scroogle", and 4 other search engines to combine the results, with the following simplistic search keys string = and found some 1st pass, first the query: Edmund Fitzgerald wreck pollut ing waters (with an intentional gap "pollut ing" for different conjugation variants of pollution/polluted/polluting,etc.

Next the URL of the site I chose to click on, from the 1st page of > 10, with the hyperlink shown as follows with "copy shortcut" :

and finally simple swipe, copy,and paste, from the resultant page's URL: question is probably related to proprietary copywrite type regs I'm guessing, rather than the way to simply copy URL;s and/or shortcut/hyperlinks, which I'm sure you now, but as this is a Gov site, it's Public Domain, so I as such (though gov pages can be copywrited, particularly when intellectual property is involved, which they are entitled to cost recovery on (but must post it as such), otherwise on a gov site you can safely IMO still can swipe, copy, and paste w/o fear of old OR new such rules of THAT nature, I am guessing. What are the new rules, and where can I find them? I hope this helps you, and that you can help me?
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