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Originally Posted by niffer View Post
What an unfair and terrifying position to be in...especially considering how many Americans have botched the anthem over the years.
niffer, I agree, and Char - no kidding! The US National Anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner", has probably been the most botched anthem song in history, LOL. According to a sports site I read, its been mangled over 30 times notoriously enough to make the news in sports history! I believe the 2 hours notice of the switcheroo bit was unfair - as niffer said - what a terrible and terrifying position to be in. I saw a few players role their eyes up a little, but they may not have known her predicament - OR they DID know it and THAT's what they were disturbed by - the set-up of the poor gal. Which is not to imply anyone meant to set her up, sounds just like poor planning. Not that THAT has EVER happened in the US, LOL

Back to the mis-heard lyrics thing for a moment, I've got a good one. One I've had wrong (again) for almost 40 years now. It does sound like what's being sung. To me.

So, in trying to think of songs with say, esoteric lyrics, which are not unusual for Gord, as he has pointed-out on a few, where actually he has said they are one of his more "ethereal" songs in concert, or in his Songbook descriptions, this one came strongly to mind. One of my favorites, but I have to be in the right mood to fully appreciate it when I listen to it.

THIS one's pretty funny, at the 3 minutes 10 seconds mark into "Seven Island Suite". It's sounds to me like this, and has ever since I owned it in '74, and have no doubt read the correct lyrics to at Wayne Francis' site dozens of times, but I never caught my mental blunder (what other kind is there?) in this line, as I hear it.

The way I hear it is:

Think of the rags around ya gone sailin 'til your brown in your face (like from a tan.... all that time in the sun, right? It could happen...

Versus the correct lyrics, which are:

"Think of the right and wrong and consider the frown on your face"

Am I hearing it that badly? LOL. Evidently, and a rhetorical question at that, I know. I was hoping some kind soul out there could ameliorate me of my guilt over committing a Lighthead "misdemeanor", LOL
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