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Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Hey geodeticman.5,

I actually like "I wish I could kiss you while you knelt" better than "knit" but I am totally misguided. My most notable misheard GL lyric has always been, which I also posted many years ago in the Misheard Lyrics section of this website, from Brave Mountaineers, "In the hayloft we would play, we would drink the booze and sing". The lyrics are actually "In the hayloft we would play, we were princesses and kings". I think my lyrics are a big improvement.
yea Dan I AM embarrassed I had that song wrong in two areas for near 40 years now.What with having READ the correct lyrics undoubtedly many times over.... haha

"Booze and sing" is pretty funny. First time I heard that song, I was listening with a friend when I was about 16, and he commented on the "princesses" reference like an idiot with "so, what man, like....did he pretend HE was a princess or WHAT". Duhhh--oyy. I reprimanded him a bit harshly for not listening to the MAN more carefully, and said something like "No you butt-head, he was playing princesses AND KINGS. OBVIOUSLY he was playing with boys and GIRLS, you know, the way kids DO?" LOL. He allowed as how I was a bit defensive on Gordon, and he thought folk was "boring", and "not good cruizing music" in our "built" '67- '71 muscle cars with Aerosmith on the 8-track for THAT kind of thing.

But later on, in my early twenties, I was ALWAYS very careful to have just the right Lightfoot tune ready to play when I'd pick a date up. I'd SWEAR that's part of how Merry started taking to me - I had "Beautiful" ready on the cassette-deck in the car (by that year) before picking her up on her folks' ranch for our first date. She admitted she had only heard IYCRMM, and Sundown,etc., but "she liked Beautiful". And, as many of you "senior members" might recall, she and I later married to that song and two others.
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