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Default Re: Niagara Falls,Ont.FALLSVIEW CASINO-May 9-2013 setlist-report

Now THERE are 2 t-shirt ideas I woud like to have. One - as was made of the 50 Year Carefree Highways Tour graphic, and a T-shirt autographed by Gord. That would be cool. Since I have the canoe paddle signed by him (probably one of the odder things he's signed), I should get a canoeing t-shirt, and have him sign that, and maybe make reference to "Happy Canoeing",or "Keep on paddling, Gordon Lightfoot". That would be very cool.

One thing I have learned in concerts is to generally let him express himself in the fashion he deems fit, as he seems to feel like his style is being a little cramped, as would I, when you ask him "Could you sign this exactly THIS way in exactly THESE words?,lol. I found with the paddle that he would prefer to sign where he wants, what he wants. I 'spect he's earned that right!
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