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Default Re: 1st thread back in the saddle; re: Vistories?

Originally Posted by geodeticman.5 View Post
There are two facebook Lightfoot pages,though I haven't seen tothe second. Which one do you guys mean is the guy from Carolina? The "Gordon Lightfoot Fan Club" page I think is from Valerie. Easy enough to find out -I'll look in its "about" and ask Valeria both. Yea the Vistories having to stop was a real drag, and a major bummer for Lynn, who lamented their stopping for several PM's. Such good work. And the StoneWall something guy?Anyone here from either, or all 4?

I checked out the groups/pages

The Fan one has about 150 members
The GL one (run by a American fan guy) has over 1,500

I don't know what those stats indicate. Do they generate revenue or just bragging rights?

Either way I couldn't find any scoops or new pics. I'll just keep the bookmark and this discussion site link for concert reviews and nonsensical chatter from longtime and new members. I suppose you do get to see some fan member Face thumbnails on Facebook. Hence the term...

Oh, I think the vistory folk are fine and most of the longtime pal members you mentioned. John fowles drops by. For many, lurking works when they ave nothing to say or no time (ie. life gets in the way, as you know).
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