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Default 1st thread back in the saddle; re: Vistories?

Howdy. Vistories. I knowthey stopped a long time ago, but I maintained PM messaging with two of the four team members for awhile after they stopped, then dropped off maybe two years ago or so. Then, I sent one to Lynn last night after a few years of not inquiring of things Lightfoot in general as well, except somewhat recently in facebook, where Valerie's Lightfoot Fan Club page (as opposed to the one called, evidently, "Gordon Lightfoot") is getting some traction, and some threads are at over a 100 replies). Then today, in Small Talk, in my "Howdy, It's good to be back"-type of post.

Currently, I'm waiting on what hopefully will be a reply from Lynn on any Vistory news, hoping she still frequents corfid. I haven't searched on Lynn's name or other key words yet to see. I was wondering, despite how I recall the team had to stop making Vistories over proprietary legal considerations, if anyone else had heard of any progress or possibilities in any way on these great audio-visual interpretations of theirs? I sure miss them.
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