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Default Re: You know you're a Gordon Lightfoot FANATIC when...

it was as the Moderator person said great to see the Lawman in print again , where have you been since 2007,David?
Thanks young man for your pair of reassuring replies at long last to my Private Messages from 2007 and 2012. I' ll be replying in more detail later.
Meanwhile apropos this thread
I knew I was a fanatic long before I allowed myself to be inveigled into travelling to Toronto from the UK back in 1999 by a freind I had made in the then active chat room and ended up getting married to her
Before that I knew I was a fanatic when having heard a listener (from Brockenhurst Hants UK) to a BBC folk music programme ask about Gordon Lightfoot, I noted his name (Alvin Tull) then tracked him down by perusing the electoral rolls in Brockenhurst Public Library so that I could visit him at home. Later in 2007 diring a once in a lifetime vacation down under I arranged for a meeting with three of the known Lightfheads in Melbourne Australia (Mende joveski, (Catman)Ron Chidgey and the late Peter Treloar) in the Casino on the South Bank of the Yarra River. but failed to do more than have a phone chat with the Sydney Hooligan there, I also failed to meet another fan fron Invercargill on New Zealand's South Island, but did organise a pre concert gathering with Californicators in Ceritos,CA in 2005.Plus many other such occasions in NH Boston MA. NJ and memorably the Greek Restaurant in Glenside PA,

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