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Default Re: 5 Canadian UCONN Football Players

Kewl, Pam. However, it does not surprise me that there are Canadians playing football in the US!

The article is in error in one would lead one to believe that football originated in the US, which is not quite correct. Both Americans and Canadians started playing some form of football in the early to mid 1800's.

The first documented football game in Canada occurred in Toronto. As in the US, the game was largely a varsity game, being played at the college/university level. It was in 1868 that first non-amateur football club was formed in Montreal. The forerunner to the Canadian Football League has been in existence since 1868 (although it did not become a member of the International Federation of American Football until 2004!)

The National (American) Football League had a similar origin, being derived from inter-collegiate matches. Rules for the game had been codified in 1867, but it was a non-amateur game until 1920, when the first professional teams were formed in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

The first year that Canadian teams competed for a trophy (The Grey Cup) was in 1909...long before the existence or the concept of the Super Bowl (which was first played in 1967.)

One item of interest is that the first North American match was played between McGill University (Montreal) and Harvard (Cambridge) in 1874! So the statement that "football" is an American game is not quite correct.

For background, see:

History of Canadian Football

Comparison of Canadian and American Football

Americans (and I am one) often view the Canadian Football League as a place where players who don't make the cut for the NFL go to play. Not so! It's a league which, because of its method of play, is more "accepting" for those who have the talent, but are often overlooked by the NFL teams because of their lack of size (e.g., Doug Flutie of Boston College who became a member of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame this year.)

It could be argued that Americans have embraced football to a greater extent than Canadians, making it "their" game. Likewise, hockey could be designated a "Canadian" game, although, ironically, the first professional ice hockey game in North America was played in Michigan!

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