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Default Re: Neil Young on Fallon-new album with Gord tunes

2 or 3 nights before that show aired, I had a dream that I was with one of my old best friends, Becky.( Becky was killed in a car crash in 1997). It was a sweet dream. Nice being with her and having fun again. We were talking on the phone with Neil Young, and making song requests. I don't remember which songs they were, but we had some disks (45's)? that we were looking thru, and they were in a see-thru vinyl, accordian case...similar to a credit card holder, but sized for disks. He seemed to be at a radio station or something, and we were happy that he talked to us.

I didn't know Neil Young was going to be on. I just happened to turn the channel and there they were talking about Gordon Lightfoot. Got to see him singing in the booth.

Thanks for the link. Got to watch more of the show afterwards.

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